Damn, I’m a college graduate.

I am sitting at my cluttered bedroom desk in the triple-decker Worcester apartment that has become more my home than anywhere else in the world. I’ve spent today playing card games in a café, refreshing my gmail inbox expecting something to change, washing a sinkful of dishes, and running loads of dirty laundry.

These are my last weeks here, within my main social reality-- the web of friends I've made here in central Mass. We don’t talk about how a month from now we will be dispersed, we don’t even really acknowledge that change is coming quickly around the corner. I haven’t said goodbye to my friends that have already left, but call them casually to ask momentarily important questions. We watch movies, play smash brothers and vegetate in front of screens like we have all year, but in two weeks all of us will be gone from here; college graduates and more-or-less members of society in one form or another. My name is Mike Seidman and in less than nine weeks, I will be in Japan.

everything else will stay here.


Anonymous said...

You are on blogspot? I am impressed.

yatpay said...

Excellent start to an excellent blog.

In the weeks leading up to graduation I often thought about how everyone was going to be scattered across the country before we knew it.. that's why I started taking more pictures, and going to more events. I figured I'd look back and be glad I had, and only three months later I am.