Prefectural Advisor - first contact

So I just received an email tonight from David, the current Fukuoka Prefectural Advisor (PA). He is being replaced at the end of July, and didn’t give a lot of specific information (still no specific city) but he did mention that I will definitely be teaching at a Senior Highschool, so Word to that. This means that I will have one school that I work at regularly opposed to traveling around to many locations during the week, and I’ll be working with highschool age kids. Pretty sweet digs, now I just need to wait and find out if I’m in the capital city or the Rice Paddies. In any case, David seems nice enough. He’s from Northern Ireland which is pretty Nifty.

More information to read up on as if you were a JET placed in Fukuoka like me can be found
it’s got some pretty cool stuff.