trying and failing to fill everyone in

i just spent half an hour trying to compose an email to let everyone know what the scoop is about my acceptance into JET, my placement in Fukuoka, links to places like this blog etc. but gmail then refused to send it off, not recognizing some of the addresses i had painstakingly selected from my contacts list. Like the fool I am, i tried to refresh the page and lost my text. I will have to go to sleep now and try, try again tomorrow.

In the mean time, read about Fukuoka-chi, the city where i am hoping to be placed. It is the capital city of Fukuoka-ken, the prefecture where I have been placed. This is roughly analogous to knowing the state i have been placed in, but not the city. I am waiting on a contact from mt Contracting Organization or my JET predacessor for that information, but wherever I am placed, there will be a lot to offer. bullet train, international airport, an accessible big city... and my high school friend, Carl has been placed on the southern part of Kyushu in Miyazaki-ken, a hop skip and a jump away. I'm not sure japan can handle the AWESOMENESS.


See? I will be here on the northernmost area of the southern island, Kyushu. My prefecture is surrounded on three sides by ocean and according to the annual weather patterns, temperatures range from the 80s-90s in the summer to upper 30s in the winter. There are many volcanoes and areas to hike in the region to boot. it should be temperate, gorgeous and action packed.


yatpay said...

You know, Gmail usually saves your email to your drafts folder several times in the course of writing a long email. If you ever lose a large email again, try checking your drafts folder. I bet the email in question is still there!