new cute correspondence

It's like i'm already friends with everyone in Japan. Yay for different culturally ascribed social practices!


Hello Michael,

I'm an English teacher at Asakura High School, for which you are soon coming to work. I work for a night school, not for a daytime one. I live quite close to your accommodation in Japan. You are supposed to live in
an apartment for teachers working around this area. I heard today that most ALTs living there are leaving, and I'm afraid that you might feel lonely without other ALTs to talk to. As I said, I live near the apartment building, so I can be of some help. Anyway, if you have any question about teaching in Japan, or whatever, please feel free to ask me by e-mail. And after arriving in Japan, don't hesitate to get in touch with me. Unfortunately, though, I am in Hawaii to take part in a workshop held there from August 2nd to 10th. But after that I hope I can be with you if you need some help.

I'm looking forward to seeing you soon. Till then, take care

Osamu Matsu