I just got back home from the Kirin beer factory where my i got drunk with my vice principal.

After an awesome school band concert where they performed "Phantom of the Opera" and acted out the Lion King, he took me and his wife to the "Kirin Beer Farm" restaurant where he shelled out $50-$60 filling me (along with himself) with meat and beer. actual variety too! stout, even!

SO GOOD. this guy is awesome. More + pictures later.

This weekend should be great too. Prefectural Orientation + afterparty in Fukuoka City. the afterparty is gathering at a place called "FUBAR". Any Clark readers out there? It's the same name as the trashy bar in Worcester. I can't escape, ahhh!


Robyn said...

You do know the meaning of "Fubar" don't you?

Not too surprising to find the name all over!


Mike said...

yes, yes, of course i know the acronym, but it's still only the second business with that title i've ever seen, back-to-back in Worcester and Fukuoka. what are the odds, ne?

yatpay said...

You can never escape Worcester! Once you live in Worcester it will be with you forever. It's best to just accept it and keep an eye out for the local Foo Bar.

Rob Pugh said...

What's more, FUBAR used to be named "Crazy Cock," the sister bar to the currently still in business "Happy Cock" in Fukuoka.

Ruminate on that one for a while.

Dig the blog.