I just managed to spend 3454 yen (like, over $30) in the combini (a "combinience" store). Almost as much as I spent carefully doing this week's shopping!

I knew i shouldnt have picked up that guinness 4-pack with no price. Seriously, these stores are dangerous. I only went to look for soy sauce. I wound up trying to buy these cups with eyeballs on them, only to find out that i needed to buy a lottery ticket for a chance to "win" one. i paid 500 yen for one ticket and ended up "winning" a pad of paper and a clip with an eyeball on it instead. what have i done!!

Now i have to shamefully add this to my budget spreadsheet.


Anonymous said...

You have a budget spreadsheet? Shit, you're way ahead of me.

Good job on the winning of the eyeballs...