by special request


is how much i like natto.

I received some queries as to what makes this substance particularly objectionable and realized i probably should elaborate a teensy bit.

Natto is made up of fermented (rotten) soybeans. They're firm and bitter, and by far the most objectionable aspect, enveloped in this sticky viscous film that has the exact texture of mucus. I just can't deal with it. 

This is the only japanese food i have really not been able to negotiate so far. even umeboshi - pickled plums that are both extremely salty and extremely sour are interesting to munch on after a mean, but natto was just like eating rotten food. (actually it is eating rotten food, intentionally).

That being said, ive only tried it once. I'd like to build a taste for it over time as its a really hardore traditional japanese food. Typically it's served over rice as an appetizer or for breakfast. 


Kinoko Times said...

Love the description!

Chris said...

natto is just rough. I tried it once and never again, you're learning how much a fussy eater I am and so shouldn't be surprised, but still, ugh.
the smell too... a friend once fried natto for some dish, it stank the entire kitchen out, and the kitchen was HUGE. I had to go outside it was so vile.

yatpay said...

I've heard that Japanese people will often try to trick foreigners into eating it like it's any normal food. I'm impressed you even tried it, I wouldn't have even wanted to be near the stuff =P

Anonymous said...

i tell everyone natto is "hana kusou mitai" (it's like boogers)

they laugh

fuck that gross shit