part II: photos

On Fridays after school i run ESS- English Speaking society. So at 4:30 i headed down to the language lab where i usually find my 5 members setting up scrabble and firing up an America DVD, but there was nobody there. "Okay," i thought, "They're not here yet." I popped in Monsters Inc and started cleaning up the classroom. Half an hour rolled by and i was beginning to think maybe they all gave up and went home since i was 10 minutes late to show up and unlock the room. Other students started going home around and the school was dying down. I started to feel really guilty for letting down my students. I sat down and worked on some lesson plans while watching Monsters Inc for the rest of an hour.

At 5:30 or so, I left a note on the door and went back to the teachers room, where another teacher (the teacher who used to be in charge of ESS) told me that all clubs are cancelled because midterms are next week. 

"didn't your supervisor tell you? She should have let you know and and she should give you a monthly schedule. Where is your schedule?"

*sigh* later when Kyo-to sensei (vice principal) was leaving, he commented "wow youre still working!" and i said i thought there was ESS so i was waiting in the room for a while. my supervisor later called to apologize profusely for not letting me know. I hope she didnt catch too much flak for it because casually mentioning something to your boss in passing is as good as filing a formal complaint in Japan. Oops. Still though.

It's my two month anniversery since coming to Japan. Hard to believe that on July 26 i was on that flight to Tokyo trying to sleep. It is now officially fall and the weather has gone from blisteringly hot to slightly chilly in the mornings and evenings, though still sweltering during the day. As you read below, I spent the Equinox in Akizuki. Here's the proof:

this is called 'glasses bridge'

Rice fields and mountains aplenty. this place was so beautiful everything the Inaka should be.

Leaf suspended in a spider's web, seeming to hover midair.

puts his shoes back on after we pay a visit to a temple

more gorgeous rice fields

this guy was HUGE! a couple inches. The second biggest spider i've seen in Japan so far (seriously)

this is a public bathroom. yeah even the toilets are this pretty

descent down some very ancient steps

even more old steps

beautiful river, long exposure. makes his way across

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Leah said...

Wow - it doesn't look real. Even the bugs there are fascinating.

Mike said...

the bugs here are ESPECIALLY fascinating.