The Song of Asakura High School (english)

Mt. Kosho is towering in the sky in Chikushi today, also.
We can smell the good smell of the plum trees in Asakura High School.
The students' ambitions are always bright.
Let's study quietly together here in our holy Asakura High School.

The Maruyama hills are round.
The fields are large, and the rape blossoms are in full bloom and bright yellow.
The students' hearts are filled with lots of love.
Let's study together with cheerfulness, hope and pleasure.
Here in Asakura High School.

In our old, graceful hometown
Clear water flows in the Amagi river always.
With passion and energy, we work as part of a team.
Let's unite, control ourselves and study together
Here in our Asakura High School.
We love Asakura High School.