weird Japanese product update no. 1

Exhibit A: Malt Squash

I saw this sucker in the grocery store and just couldnt resist. Malt Squash? really? the text on the bottom of the can says:

"This is the new type of sparkling beverage. For your refreshment!"

I'll say! I just cracked it open because i am thirsty and didnt wanna break into one of my last two Guinnesses, so i decided to give it a go.

Verdict: Malt Squash tastes exactly like bad beer.


JamesAbroad said...

I find myself buying all sorts of wacky drinks just for the name.

ex a: an energy drink called Commando Bear

ex b: a cocktail called "Dr Funk of Tahiti" (tasted like Bryce mixed it)

ex c: bottled water simply called "Steve"