zomg, overbooked and hectic


but some important/interesting things have been going down that you might enjoy at least knowing about and that i'm sure i will enjoy having a record of so here goes:

1. I'll probably stay here in Amagi rather than moving to Futsukaichi as offered. it'd be inconvenient and expensive, and maybe not even more fun in the long run.

2. had my first enkai (get-drunk-with-the-office party) after sports day on sunday. preceeded by my first get-naked-with-some-colleagues experience too-- a japanese style bath (onsen). It wasnt as awkward as it shoulda been. at the enkai, poured beer for my bosses and met their VIP friends, including an awesome-at-english accounting who's wife wants to make me dinner every week and invite me over

tomorrow i have a welcome party for English Club and then another welcome party enkai with the english department. nonstop OMG!

3. Met some other english speakers who live local at the bus stop! a japanese woman and a woman from the Phillipines who both teach at a private english school owned by a dude from california. Cool!

4. Sports day was, obviously, outrageous. see below:

5. I STARTED TEACHING FORREALS TODAY. my first three classes. see post below.

6.went to kurume- a relatively big city much closer to me than fukuoka. very cool place. bats, yakuza, indian food, cute waitresses. i like it. went down there to meet Arthur, the ALT in charge of organizing regional events. cool cat.

Oh and we saw a really creepy pedophile in a coffee shop. This sketchy, old british guy in a frumpy suit coat chatting up this girl in a high school uniform. very scary like. after a couple minutes he got up abruptly, knocking over a table and left in a hurry mutturing "That was a disaster." We asked the girl what happened and if she was ok. She said he just bought a coffee and sat down next to her and started talking. She assumed he was with an eikaiwa (private english teaching company). not cool. scary.

7. i bought a wii

8. tomorrow the prefecture is coming to inspect my broken kitchen floor to see if it qualifies for repair. it looks like this:

9. have i mentioned that i love my students? I do.


nate c. said...

holy shit i just found your blog. raaad!

Kinoko Times said...

No futuskaichi. Bummer. But, you're welcome anytime! ^^
Oh, and I love my students too!!!
hahaha. Two of them said they love me today at Sports Day. :P
oh! And yea...I think your floor will qualify for repair...
But it seems like you've had an awesome week and you're going to have more! ^^