weird Japanese product update: 2nd installment

Fig. 1: Recycled milk carton toilet paper

I think this is a great idea. Recycled toilet paper, of course, exists in America, but this brand advertises that the TP is necesarily reconstructed from milk cartons. That knowledge, comined with the cute graphic, somehow made me want it more. It's really soft too. Not stiff and thin like US recycled TP. Hell, i'm using some right now.

Fig. 2: Giant-penis-weilding keychains and cellphone charms

I found these wonderful guys in the train station. There were literally hundreds of them for every occasion--wearing costumes of lemons, plums, trains, burgers, bears, monkeys, ramen, shrimp, squid, beer, cheese, buildings, etc--each with that special little something popping out of the costume. It was no mistake: this character's charm is his natural endowment. He must be a popular icon from anime or something. He seems marketted towards children too, which is the really strange part. 

Fig 3: Susu bath mat

brilliant packaging. nuff said.

Fig 4: Captain Santa

This is an actual brand. they seem to specialize in golfing and other non-sport sports supplies. Mostly marketted towards grandpas.


Brandon The Unqualified Critic said...

That music was a little too much like the last Depeche Mode album. They need more hooks. It left me feeling a bit bored. But thanks for the new music anyway.

Here is some great new electronic shit

Mike said...

what? what music?

you have a blog! im gonna check that shit out when i am not at work

yatpay said...

Well I'm caught up again. Keep 'em coming!