biting the bullet: time to throw out useless crap

Okay so i've been cleaning up and unpacking some final few things for the last couple hours. Yes, still. You reach a state of equilibrium and put these things off sometimes.

I have been living in this apartment for over 3 months now, and i am starting to look around and feel a little bit like it's my own. Less and less like I am moving in. Tonight It's like i can see the light at the end of the tunnel. With just a few more hours of work, this place could really become mine and not just my inherited space.

The problem is that my predecessor left so much STUFF. i threw a lot of it away at first, but there were things that i decided to wait on--cheap plastic furniture, an ugly couch, ugly worn out pillows, random humongous pieces of cloth and unused ugly window shades. I think it's finally time to part with these final few things. I have been here three months and realized that i have not used them and never plan to. I do have a few packrat genes, but it's time to move on and furnish my place with things that i really like. I vow to throw out all the ugly crap that i inherited, don't enjoy, and don't use. Not only will this help me feel better about my home, but hopefully it'll cut back on my allergies too. Just unpacking and refolding all those ugly sets of cloth and sheets i am coughing and sneezing and wheezing because my contract-breakin' predecessor had a cat. God, i still find hair in nooks and crannies of this place. cat hair and *shudders* ...human hair. freaking gross.


yatpay said...


not JEANS!!! lol

Mike said...

haha, seriously.

Robyn said...

Well if spelling is to commented on ... ugly not ugle and it's an aneurysm. :)

CAT HAIR!!!! (Human I can deal with.)

Remember - Mom's side are tossers and even Gramma Norma is getting her house organized some now - okay, not tossing hardly anything, but at least getting it into storage!