zany japanese stuff no. 3

a japanese thing
unheard-of doritos flavors. this one is sukiyaki.

yes, this store is actually called Fuctard.

finally!  a GUARANTEED laugh-getter!
my female assistant is gonna LOVE this.

omg thats racist!
And i thought aunt jemima was bad...


Brandon The Unqualified Critic said...

Where the hell is the point on that dorito!? That looks a little too safe for me.

Mike said...

the sukiyaki doritos could stand to push the envelop a little more.

Jonathan said...

Ooo, racist and kawaiiiiiii!

Brandon The Unqualified Critic said...

Just sign up for free. It's bullshit free. It gives you a navigation site you can sign in and check out your blog stats with ease. JP was not involved at all, surprisingly. And JP and I will always find common ground with pizza. The amount of Brandon cruelty involved in a pizza-less existence outweighs the animal cruelty of the dairy industry.