It's so hard to speak Japanese :(

I've got a long way to go.


Krampus said...

it's also excruciatingly hard to speak english in a group of all foreigners with different accents.

don't be discouraged wan :) i have faith in your language abilities!

Jonathan said...

It takes time, but the knowledge slowly permeates you and you'll be surprised by your success. I highly recommend getting Japanese Flip. The flashcard program for you iTouch!

I decided I want to apply for this internship with Konami in Tokyo so I've got to pass 2kyu in 2 years!

Mike said...

Nice Jon! You can do it! You totally aced 4kyuu. I failed hard :D

Actually I do have Japanese flip and Kanji flip and Anki. They are all AWESOME. I just need to schedule more textbook time into my week.

Planning to take 3kyuu next year.

Let's do our best!

JamesAbroad said...

Believe in yourself! We're in this together!

Mike said...