new bug alert

now this thing is weird. about three inches long, I initially thought it was a caterpillar, but now i'm just not sure. It had a triangular head, and about 6 pointy front legs, no legs for most of its torso, and then a strange foot in the back that could stick to things. crawled like stereotypical caterpillars crawl in cartoons and whatnot, scootching its back legs up forward, creating a big loop out of its body, and the moving forward. SO WEIRD. tawny brown in color. hard body.


dad said...

This maybe?

(I asked for help - see here - )

Mike said...

Aha!! So it's a Tobimon Ooedashaku (B. Robustus). That is it exactly! There really are all manner of strange bugs here and I am still discovering new ones. It's a fun, and sometimes horrifying process. Especially during the summer. It's rainy season right now so thay are all coming out of the woodwork. I am surprised by the great response of SD! Nice to see that it will turn into a HUGE moth.

Krampus said...

Do these become the GINORMOUS green moths that look like leaves?