Beer review 4: Coedo Ruri

Recently, a crop of bottled (not canned, wow!) microbrews seem to be appearing in my regular supermarkets. Naturally I'm thrilled and a new load of Japanese beer reviews seems to be in order. My fridge is stocked with many exciting new additions.

First up is Coedo, which amazingly has SIX varieties of choose from, with different names which do not indicate the flavor or type of beer whatsoever. Each are labeled indiscriminately "Premium All Malt Beer" so it is up to the discerning taster to decide how to categorize each blend. I am no expert but I'll do my best.

First I'll be cracking open "Ruri," also known as "the dark blue one.

It pours a slightly dark amber color, with a thin, bubbly head which quickly dissipates, leaving no lace on the glass. The smell is very crisp and... dare I say... hoppy.

As for flavor, it is light, crisp, and drinkable, but much maltier and a lot drier than your typical Japanese lagers. Exciting!

Well this is a nice change of pace. A delicious 4.5 out of 5 mugs.

The best beer yet! ...Foreign Equivalent:


Mel said...

Hey, I came across your blog....I'm an older ALT that taught at Asakura....I know a few teachers there still and when I was an ALT, Ohgi-sensei was the VP not principal and Sato-sensei was at the BOE. They should still remember me I hope....My name is Melisa! Hi, it's nice to meet you.

Mike said...

Cool! I've heard of you! you were probably Kelsey's predecessor right? I've heard your name a few times, Especially from Yamaguchi san (the shokudo cook)!!

Pleased to meet you; よろしく!