triple shot

Ramune drinking contest last night
Yesterday, taking a 10 minute break from an amazing 8-bit breakcore concert, my friend and I sat chatting on a couple concrete flower beds outside the venue in Fukuoka's Nakasu district, the club/redlight part of town. We were approached by two girls, who were not on top of their game. One of them took off her sunglasses (it was midnight) and revealed horrible fake eyelashes that were falling off of her face as the glue failed. The girls then proceeded to proposition us: "Drugs... Please." They persisted in their plea desperately asking "please... please... please..." despite our insisting that we were not the drug dealing kind of foreigners. They mentioned that they were interested in buying "cocaine... or heroin." Oh my god. Patrick wanted to leave them with the police, but I was kind enough to hail them a cab and send them home. Being asked for drugs just because I'm a foreigner was a little insulting, especially because every time a celebrity is caught with drugs the media is quick to assert that "they bought the drugs from a foreigner."

At the concert, we also met some transvestites and Patrick touched their dicks.
Current status:
DPJ: 258 LDP: 70

The election results are still streaming in, but regardless of the remaining districts, the DPJ will have a ruling majority in the Diet. the news is now confirming that Aso Taro has stepped down.