Special Report: Thailandliness

Photo! You buy! You buy! I give you good price. Hey... you want Bang Bang? Ladyboy? ... cocaine?

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Mangosteens, Longkongs and Rambutans as far as the eye can see.

Children begging after school.

The best Pad Thai I've ever eaten also happened to be the cheapest.

Taking advantage of the strobelight to take some well lit shots in da' club. See the ladyboy?

Another ladyboy approaches. Beware: they ensnare drunk tourists as they exit dance clubs.

Wat Arun, The Temple of Dawn in Bangkok.

Behold, the Black Buddha

King of the currency; the exact same picture of him is on all the bills

This Buddha was GYNORMOUS.

Told you.

Shameless racism.

Gilded Buddhas

This whole business of being immature with the statues embarrassed James terribly. I admit I'd feel the same in his shoes if we were in My Japan.

2nd class "sleeper" train from Bangkok to Chumpohn. Protip: if you want to book 1st class, purchase more than two days in advance.

Ahh Ko Tao! This is "Japanese village," one of our dive sites.

Our baller accommodations at Chawengburi resort, Ko Samui.

Even the flies seem skankier in Thailand.

Scuba class!

Our Isreali classmate dives in.

Quaint, wooden water-taxis with truck-sized motors.

Official postcard shot of the trip.

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vitamine d said...

Poor children!I really don't like when i saw children begging or doing some job after school to have two times meal.Government should take strict steps against this.Ne ways nice post and Bangkok is such a nice place.I love all pics you have posted here.Thanks for sharing.

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nose job said...

Wow.. Nice Place...Bangkok. I love all this pictures and All are so awesome. I love all the god pictures. Yes, Your camera angle is so nice. Thanks for Taking all this awesome picture.