Final wisdom from Japan

Well, this blog sort of flickered out as I grew accustomed to my life in Japan, and I post today to inform you, dear reader, that I have returned to my homeland after 4 wonderful years in Japan. It is therefore with a heavy heart and bittersweet conviction that I conclude this blog with some final tidbits of wisdom that I've learned in Japan through work, the culture, and my valued friends:
01. Precedent is very important.
02. Put it down in writing to avoid miscommunication.
03. You don't need a tip system to have great service.
04. When public speaking, the goal or thesis is most important; decide this first. The message and the take-away are more important than the details. 
05. Only one exclamation mark should be used in each e-mail.
06. Foreigners in Japan are unicorns: magical and mythical creatures which many Japanese regard with wonderment and curiosity. Things are always awkward, however, when there are multiple unicorns in one room with a group of Japanese. Sometimes they compete to show who is the "most magical."
07. Plain white collared shirts look damn good.
08. Queen bees in a small community don't get along.
09. The Japanese fear caterpillars.
10. Altering a small habit is the best way to affect a huge change in your life.
11. Bad things happen just after the most difficult times. Many problems surface in April/May.
12. Sugar goes well with egg.
13. Leave things better than you find them.
I hope you've found this blog instructive. Send me a message any time with questions or ideas about Japan. Over and out.