a new adorable email from my future supervisor:
Thank you for your reply.
Your apartment have four rooms and kitchen. But it is very old. But you have air-conditioner and a shower room.
If you use a bike, you can go anywhere you need. There is a bike for you.
Before you come, I will check your room and clean it. Don't worry so much. After you come, I will show you around this town by my small car. I will also take you to the bank or the places you need. It is difficult to explain now.
We talked about you with Roman. I gave him your information about your work. So he will tell it to you. I am not a good supervisor but I try to do my best.
Take care.


The more i find out about my placement the more inaka it sounds. I said something jokingly about the countryside and not being "stuck in the rice fields," and his reply confirmed that my apartment is, indeed, literally surrounded by rice fields! Also that pretty much nobody in town will be able to speak english and that the Japanese English Teachers "will be busy and probably won't have much time to talk." Hooo boy!