in summary

Here are some cliffs notes for anyone who didnt read that whole big last post:


I finally received a "welcome letter" from my supervisor! Looks like i've been placed in Asakura and will be teaching regularly at Asakura HS.

My predecessor is named Roman and my apartment is located at:
Kyoshokuinjutaku, room 24
807 Bodaiji
Asakura city
(part of a complex, perhaps?)

my rent is going to be only about Y12000/mo (appx. $115/mo), so i assume it'll be as cheap and tiny that price implies, but i am totally fine with that. Also, as i just noticed, the address reads "room 24," not "apartment 24" or "unit 24" haha i can only imagine what that means.

My email says that it "includes" a bunch of stuff including AC/heater, futon, tv, microwave and a kotatsu (awesome heated table), so no complaints there. Because of the phrasing, it sounds like it may be a new JET housing subsidy altogether rather than an old ALT's digs. I'm not sure if that generally qualifies as good or bad news.

scouring the internet (google and flickr) for information regarding the city, let alone my living conditions has not turned up much dirt. All i have found are tons of pictures of sunflowers and an old historic water wheel. And it looks like Asakura was two smaller villages until a couple years ago when they merged. It's no Fukuoka-shi, but with a population of 100k, it seems like a nice compromise between metropolis and inaka (countryside).

three more weeks baby!