welcome letter

Yeah! finally recieved my welcome letter containing more specific placement info! here we go....
July 4th, 2008

Dear Mr.Seidman
Congratulations on having been accepted on the Japan Exchange Teaching Program ! We hope
your preparations for coming to Japan are progressing smoothly. We look forward to working with you this coming year and hope the following information will help you in the final weeks
before your departure. This information concerns your living situation.

Your Placement
You have been placed in Fukuoka Prefecture and will be based in the community of Asakura-city., which has a population of about 100,000. Asakura-city is approximately 30
kilometers from the prefectural capital city of Fukuoka.

You will be arriving in the summer, the average temperature is 26.8 degrees Celsius.
On the other hand, in the winter, the average temperature is 5.2 degrees Celsius. We have a little snow . Summer in Japan is usually quite humid. Please keep this in mind.

Your Work Place
You will be working at Asakura High School, and your supervisor will be Masako Takakura.
Our school has a 100 years history and students are honest and academic. It takes approximately 5 minutes by bike from your accommodation to school. The telephone number at your working place is 001-81-946-22-2043, and the fax number is 001-81-946-23-1309. Your workplace address is as follows:

Asakura High School
876 Amagi, Asakura city, Fukuoka
838-0068 Japan

Your accommodation
You will be living in an apartment . Rent is approximately \ 12,000 per month. Your first
payday is on August 19th, so please bring enough money to tide you over until then. We suggest
that you bring about \100,000(~$900). The following items have been provided for you:

TV, washing machine, air conditioner/heater, microwave, toaster over, refrigerator, stove,
hot water shower, VCR, telephone, vacuum cleaner, iron, blankets, sofa, portable bed, and a
"kotatsu" (used in winter to warm your legs).

Your home address is as follows:
Kyoshokuinjutaku Room 24
Fukuoka, Asakura city, 807 Bodaiji,
838-0061 JAPAN

Please read the General Information Hand book produced by CLAIR, as this contains essential
information for your participation on the JET Program and your life in Japan. If you have questions about your placement, Please contact me(xxxxxx-xxxxxxx@k7.dion. ne.jp ) or the current ALT Roman (xxxxx.xxxxxxx @ gmail. com ). He works at Asakurahigashi high
school. He visits us and is now teaching our students He will give you more information about your work and life in detail. We would like to help you as much as possible with your preparations.
Finally, we ask you to send us an e-mail letting us know that you received this letter.
We will pick you up at Fukuoka Airport on July 30th. We are looking forward to seeing you
at that time.

Masako Takakura
ALT Supervisor, Asakura High School

P.S. I tried to e-mail you but in vain. So I send you the letter.

Ohh such adorable correspondence. i am off to learn everything i can about my placement. it's not Fukuoka-shi, but Eh, who cares. only about 20 miles away anyway. plus my rent is only like $120 a month. it's gonna be a shit hole but WOOOOORD.