the friendly neighbors

read laura's post about the bugs of this fine island, kyushu. very nicely sums up the situation over here:

I will go ahead and add one more to the list, since i live in a building surrounded on three sides by rice fields:

Brown Frogs

These guys are pretty cute and harmless, weighing in at only an ounce or two and .25 - 1.5" in length. But they are out, hopping around nook and cranny as of 6PM or so, just as the sun is beginning to go down, so it's all i can do to keep from stepping on three every pace i take towards or away from my stairwell through the parking lot.

Moreover they pick up with the screaming their tiny lungs out at around dusk, just when when the cicadas clock out. seriously, to walk around the perimeter of my jutaku at any hour of the day is to be deafened by chirping, screeching and croaking that bleeds together like some kind of organic UFO made out of bugs and amphibians.