Here is a scattered mess of pictures to accompany the textstorm two posts below regarding Kokura. Photos are graciously appropriated from Pat.

fig. 1: The paddleboats. from left: ME, CHRIS

fig. 3: the whole crew (sans Pat's supervisor) sitting on a bronzen hippo mother with it's hippo baby.

nb, the softbank store at which Pat hit on the softbank girl.

fig. 4: Kokura castle, viewed from below.

fig. 5: rawr we're furries

fig 6: view of kokura

fig. 7: view of the crazy mall architecture

fig. 8: would you prefer a Mango Swirkle or an Annin Swirkle? the Swirkle choice is yours.

fig. 9: Ahh, the slab. we looked like such creeps.

Let's cut to the chase... karaoke.

you and I are lucky, dear reader, for we have been spared the pictures he took in the love hotel.