just a quick update! i am in Hokkaido. Niseko to be specific, a huge and amazing mountain* see below


We are staying at a lodge run by some very hospital Australians! They took care of everything for us- free breakfast and dinner every day, called for a ride to the rental shop and back, even picked us up from the bus stop. dinner was chicken cream soup and shrimp and scallop alfredo. they sell australian wine too. And, clearly, free wifi. I definitely reccommend Niseko to anyone thinking about a ski trip to Japan in the future.

I am gearing up for 12 hours on the mountain tomorrow! I am already a little tired from going to judo class in the mornings this week (incidentally, I also highly reccommend wrestling your students-- great bonding) but i will stretch out tonight and in the morning and be good to go!

looking forward to waist-deep powder and seafood!


Tori G said...

Mmm seafood. Basically all of my friends here either hate seafood or are vegetarians. I need someone to go seafood eating with me!
Wait. Seafood on a mountain. Does that make sense?

Mike said...

for a mountain, Niseko is surprisingly near the coast. Consider that Japan is made up of a few small islands. On our list night we ate all-you-can-eat snow and king crab.