another quick update from Carl's computer. Need to keep it quick because they are wanting to watch MMA videos in a minute (Mixed Martial Arts[Man on Man Action])

Today we left Niseko amidst a beautiful powder flurry. I was a little dissapointed because it apparently dumps snow up there every 3 days and we just missed it. Anyway, we took a bus this morning to Sapporo, where we will spend one night, before flying back to Fukuoka tomorrow.

I have been desperately trying to get in touch with my family over the last couple days for 1- my mother's birthday, 2- my brother's birthday, 3- they haven't heard from me and are starting to sound concerned. I assure you guys I am still alive! I just havent been able to figure out my phone enough to make international calls. Actually tonight I asked my Japanese-speaking friend to listen to the message that plays when I try to make a call and it told me how to do it correctly. Unfortunately it's now after 4am in America, so I will try again tomorrow. Ugh i feel so bad. I wanna talk to these people.

To end on a positive note, we were in a store called Don Quixote earlier today that sells all kinds of silly stuff. I bought 'black man' condoms with racially questionable drawings on the box and English to the effect of "Keep it real. Piece! We are all a brack people." as well as a keychain with a fake slice of white bread that looks and feels exactly like the real deal.

They also sold keychains that simulate the experience of openning perforated cardboard boxes and popping out pieces of edamame. I am holding out for the bubble wrap edition that I have heard rumors of.


yatpay said...

Bubble wrap!