It's taken me a few practice runs but i believe i have constructed the perfect burger.

Top-quality ground beef, first balsamic marinated and then grilled to perfection atop a bed of simultaneously carmelized onions. Then tenderly swaddled betwixt two toasted bun halves, smeared with oven roasted garlic, chevre goat cheese and pesto, the whole thing topped with sauteed mushrooms, grilled sliced ham and a whole fried egg.

Paired with brie and sliced apple in a crusty french bread and a Blue Moon to wash it all down, imported by hand from America.

More sliced fruit for dessert.

Sometimes I love cooking for one.


yatpay said...

Extra points for "betwixt"

Tori G said...

1. Make me one plz.

2. Its spelled Brie. Unless this bree is something new and delicious I've never heard of.

Mike said...


Mike said...

ps, I made you one but I ated it. :o

Jonathan said...

Did you get those ingredients from the states?

Mike said...

only the blue moon. most came from a foreign grocery store I found at the Aeon mall in Nogata.