Here is the first batch of Hokkaido visual aids, uploaded from my mobile phone.
For you, my precious pawns!

First of all, Marimokkori. This little green dude is always sporting strange costumes and a trademark erection. It turns out his name is a bit of a play on words. From "marimo," a kind of green algea common in Hokkaido, and "Mokkori," meaning boner. This guy is apparently a big mascot for Hokkaido.  I believe I have blogged on the topic before

Does anyone remember that "eggs!" animation? It's on TV in Japan!!

A view from heaven

Hokkaido is famous for its miso ramen broth, sweet corn, and high quality butter. This bowl encorporates all three.

Crab tabehodai - all you can eat

Delicious. Endless.

This sign just amuses me.


Ryan said...

Cool blog you got here!

Just wanted to point out something: Mokkori is more about the bulge or "tent" that an erection causes.

My elementary school kids love to tell me words like that, have me say it out loud, and see my face when I then look it up on my dictionary. :P

Mike said...

haha thank you.

I reaaaally wish i could work at a shogakko

Gabe said...

Ohh... I read the egg part, and I had to watch that animation again. That was awesome.