Cast of Characters

So you've heard of us?

Every couple months, I am visitted by door-to-door preachers: the Japanese Jehovah's Witnesses. I hear several cars pull across the gravel in the jutaku parking lot, doors slam, and low chattering permeates from outside the window. The first time this happened, my friend John, who has been here a bit longer than me, peaked through the curtain and said "Those people are up to no good. Do you know them?"

What happens next is very uniform: the doorbell rings, they say "oh! you're not Japanese!" they flip through a small paper book to the page with English, and say "read, this please!" with a nice, big smile. The page starts with something like "Hello! We are Jehova's Witnesses! Though we don't speak the same language, I wish to share my faith with you." I nod and say "Ah, I understand."
"So you've heard of us?"
"Yes, I've heard of you... I'm okay."
"You're okay?"
"Yes, I'm okay. Thank you!"
"O- Okay. ...Bye!"

Fast forward 8 weeks. Repeat.


Kinoko Times said...

I get the English speaking ones.