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At the office, it has been another topsy-turvy week, and it's very exciting. Today is the first full day at work with the new staff. To add to the excitement, the principal was just seen for the first time wearing not his usual suit jacket, but rocking a horrible green sweater on this chilly Spring morning.

When we left off, dear reader, teacher transfers had just been announced and everyone began to bite their fingernails in heated anticipation. This week the medicine went down the hatch. On Tuesday the transferring teachers bid us farewall in one final meeting. Each of the departing teachers was called on to give a short speech (about 10 speeches in all), after which, they were lined up in the front of the auditorium and exitted the room single file. It was such a dramatic exit. But then they were back in the office packing up their things for the end of the day anyway so we had a chance to say some more
casual goodbyes.

Then yesterday the fresh meat arrived. At 8:30, during the morning meeting, they were similarly lined up in front of the staff room and their names were read one-by-one by the vice principal. respectively, they uttered a quick "please treat me well" and a bow. Some stole the show by using keigo, the ultra respectful/humble version of the phrase. A few teachers down the line another guy did a 90 degree bow instead of the more casual 45er. I couldnt help but muse over the concept of Japanese workers competetively trying to one-up each other on politeness, and silently getting really mad when they are up-showed.

The first day of work with the new teachers has been going really well, and I get along famously with my new Supervisor, a former 3rd year teacher who I have long enjoyed talking to in passing. This year I will also be teaching with a new face, a hotshot teacher from a city school. Her English is great and she is really passionate about teaching English, including oral communication, my class. It is a really nice change of pace to be working with someone who has lots of ideas and feedback. She is not so much taking over, as she is demonstrating a great capacity to work and plan together. I couldnt be more excited.

Also, my new suupa' has just handed me a hand drawn weekly schedule of my classes. It looks like I will be free on Mondays AND Thursdays this year, which is fine by me. In fact, it may very well mean that the trip to visit James in Thailand that had been vetoed by my boss could be possible after all!

It's gonna be a good year, ya'll


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Hey I like the blog's new look!

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Cool layout! Makes me think I should make mine look a little more Japanese-y.

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thanks dude. All i did was change the margins on a blogger template and made my own header YES WE CAN