working hard vs hardly working

Looks like it may be leaning more towards "working hard" this year.

I had been gearing up for a very slow-paced schedule. See, up till now I've taught only first-year students, comprised of eight classes a week. This year's first-year class is only 7 homerooms, so I was starting to imagine what I will do with even MORE free time than before. I was looking at a schedule with 0 classes on Mondays and Thursdays.

Well looks like those thoughts will have to be entertained another day. I just had a chat with my boss who told me that the English department would like to use me in all Writing classes, as well as my usual first-year Oral Comm. classes. I'll be teaching students in all three grades and it exactly doubles my class load from last year, starting next week.

The prospect of this becoming a more demanding job is both exciting and terrifying. I'm trying to stay positive. So long blog-posting from work!

Weekly schedule as of yesterday:

revised just now:


Kinoko Times said...

Your ESS starts at 3:35??? Mine doesn't start 'til 4:20 (after clean-up)...

Bummer about that morning Monday class...

Mike said...

oh yeah, ess is at 4:20. I just didn't want to put an extra square on the sched.

How about you? Do you still teach only every other week?