Some of the images from this year's exciting trip to Niseko, mentioned earlier.

Me and マイボード in FUK, terminal 2 (photocred Ryo).

Line starts here (photocred Ryo)

Coming into Sapporo. "Can you spot the snow?" (comment and photocred Andy)

The bus from Chitose to Niseko.

Finally. we arrive at our frozen paradise. (photocred Andy)

Our home in Niseko.

Morning view from the pension window.

Wake up, Niseko.

Wake up, Mike.

Wake up, Andy.

I'm probably explaining how totally gnarly and/or vertical i got on that last run. (photocred David)

A decrepit snow-anpanman or doraemon.

Bro grabs. (photocred Andy)

Snowboard monster: my newest, Frenchest friend.

A beautiful day on the Annupuri face. (photocred Andy)

Going up? What the lifts looked like on every other day besides the previous picture.

View from the top.

We ride and snap.

Imaginary girlfriend. "Wish you were here, Chiharu!" (comment and photocred Andy)

Cold, cloudy and windy. That's -10 Celsius. (photocred Andy)

Luckily the lifts run 12 hours a day.

Night boardin' till 9. (photocred Andy)

Crabs for th'eatin'

Susukino in Sapporo: "Like Tenjin but cooler."

The crab building.

"えびかに合戦," (SHRIMP CRAB BATTLE) was the name of our restaurant

The nomi/tabehodai FEAST!

tabehodai item 1: king crab AND snow crab legs

tabehodai item 2: crab, shrimp & shrimp tempura nigiri

tabehodai item 3: shrimp tempura

I was tempted to buy this.

Kani 'tache. (photocred Andy)


Alanna said...

Haha Tenjin isn't that cool, is it. But how do Hokkaido girls where silly things like shorts over tights and super high heels in the snow?