I love you, Hong Kong

I am on a much needed vacation after getting dumped last week. More on that later. Right now I am smitten with a new love: on the way to 8 days in Bali, we stopped in Hong Kong overnight.

Hong Kong is AMAZING. Let me rephrase that. Hong Kong is maybe the coolest place I have ever been. Between eating plae after plate of Carsew pork, duck, and fried noodles; mulilevel tech bartering markets that fill whole office-sized buildings; hookah bars; Chickin Tikka kebabs, affordable, decent beer, and impromptu dance performances in the middle of the streets on Wednesday nights, it seems I have falled deeply in love with this city. And we've only just met. Oh dear.

I have to give props to Jenn Chan, who was the best tourguide a boy could ask for during our short romp through HK. She spent 8 years of her life there, and so it is less of a magical exciting affair for her and more of a chance to show some friends her hometown. Our 22 hours there felt more like a week, and now we are settling into our resort in Bali. Much of day 2 has been spent waiting in customs at Despansar airport, which is an unfortunate place with poor organization. and lots of confused people in crowds.

Bali has a high bar to reach, but I have a feeling that it won't disappoint. More later. BYE.