New policy

As of next month, for the first time, we can come to work without a necktie. Wooo! The rules are turning upside down! Anarchy!

No seriously though, that will be nice. Also it's been a while. How are you? I have been to Bali, as you know, and I became a certified Advanced Adventurer in scuba diving. Despite my better judgment, I went out for the 5 day advanced course, despite coming down with HORRIBLE BRONCHITIS on the first day and CRIPPLING CONGESTION. I was uncomfortable, but at least my lungs didnt explode and I'm no worse for wear.

I am on the up and up. I am rapidly readapting to single life which, it turns out, isn't that bad. I have been staying very busy on purpose and exercising almost every day for the last month. After all, becoming sexier is the best revenge.

Anyway, here are some pitchers:

Jenn's mom meets us for some authentic charsew in Hong Kong. We wash the utensils in the complimentary tea "just to be sure they're clean."

words cannot describe how good this is.

Welcome to Bali.

Our first dinner? Fresh seafood. We picked our own lobster from this bin.

Grilling our fish.

About half the inhabitants of bali at any one time are obese Australians in Bintang tank tops. This one is eating a chili dog.

Balinese cuisine

A fisherman. Taken from our scuba diving boat

Our hotel had a really big bathtub.

Certified "Advanced Adventurers!" This arm thing was my "trip pose"

Artists at work in Ubud

Musicians accompany a performance depicting the folk history of Bali

Playing in the "Monkey Forest" of Ubud

In addition to the "visa fee" there is also a fee to be paid for LEAVING, which they dont tell you about until you are about to board your flight. And the only ATMs are outside of security. Way to leave a bad taste in our mouths, Bali.

Completely unrelated, but I MADE RICOTTA CHEESE! WOOO! This is so good. You have no idea. Yes, I'm better than you.


Krampus said...

SEXY BEAST. lovely photos, I see you had a fabulous time. and you're totally right about the revenge thing.